$35.00   $6.00
$15.00   $17.00
            $5.00   $1.10

$15.00           $1.25 

Platters consist of 5 footlong subs cut into thirds or quarters.
Platters and box lunches can consist of any cold protein
with or without cheese, lettuce or tomato.

Box Lunch consists of 6"sub, Chips and a cookie.
Large Cheese Pizza.
Large Pepperoni Pizza.
Pizzas are cut into 8 slices. 
 Pizzas can be ordered double cut into 16 slices.

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, and Fruit Punch avail by 2 litre bottle.
Lays chips flavors can be specified on pre order.
Cookie platter (36 cookies)
flavors can be specified on pre order.

Cancelations of orders permitted with 24 hour notice.
The Y does not permit any outside food or drinks
 at the pool except for the birthday cake.

Contact information
Steve Blattman, Subway Franchisee  954.655.3442
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The above discounted prices are based on orders placed more than 48 hours in advance of party and honored based on rules stated above
.  Orders place withing 48 hours of party or clients not adhereing to conditions stated above are charged full price